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LORAID offer detection solution system base on long range RFID. System have ability to detect up to 11 m range and read 250 tags per second, also could be implemented in local network and cloud base.

Meeting & Event Presence System

System presence and ticket for event likes concert system, marathon system, seminar system, etc., with unique gimmick and new experience

Employee Presence System

Presence system for employee with long range RFID with detection range up to 11 m and cand be mix with short range for security issue

Asset Management System

Long Range RFID for asset management system with handheld and mobile module


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Pentesting.id is a startup in the field of IT security that starts from hobbists and specialists. We are group of experts and professionals certified in IT Security. We are providing high-quality offensive and defensive security services. Pentesting.id providing a solution for Penetration testing, IDS (Intruder Detection System), Hardening system, Network Monitoring, Performace testing, Security Training and consultancy.

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Address: Address: Jalan Telekomunikasi no 1 (Gedung BTP Komplek Telkom University)

Phone: +62 813-3064-5452 (Resha) || +62 857-9599-3999 (Bim2)

E-mail: official@loraid.com